The Heart of Heartful Twist


Hi everyone! Welcome to the first official blog post of the Heartful Twist website! My name is Angela and I am the Heart of this little blog ~ ❤

I am going to go straight to the topic. You could be a little curious still as to what exactly is Heartful Twist?! (other than it being quite a mouthful of a name!) Well, that’s why I am here writing this litte blog to explain to you just a little bit more about the “Heart” of Heartful Twist. 😉

“Heartful” is the intention that we have.

Everyone in Heartful Twist is a firm believer of “Attitude determining altitude.” Whilst we are reluctant to judge people, (hey, it’s a free country!) we all know that when we do, we should judge people based on their intentions and not their actions. Heart is heart, literally and figuratively. Simply put, we produce and feature products on Heartful Twist with our heart and dedication.

From now on, I will explore and find the best and worthiest cool new information to share it here with you. Be it the latest trends, like fashion and accessories; this blog is also very family friendly! I will bring you and your kids some of the most exciting things that you can’t wait to try on and experience! Other than the fun and game, we can’t really have a heart if we don’t care about things, right? I will also address the issues related to the society and the world, since we are all inhabitant on this planet, gotta take care of her, am I right? Last but not least, I will constantly update you with the latest news and press on Heartful Twist. In other word, this place will the first place to know everything that’s going on in Heartful Twist!

I am also a huge fan of cinema, lifestyle, DIY and life inspirations, that’s why I can’t miss the opportunity to share with you some of my own picks and opinions regarding films and entertainment in general; I’d love to share any tips and story as motivation and inspiration in life, as we all know that life is all about experience and you only get to live once, so live the fullest with all your heart and have no regret! For all you lovely young folks, I will also talk about school and education related things to keep up with ya and study with ya! So please know that you are not alone and know that I am fighting this battle with you!

That’s quite a lot of information to take in, right? I basically just talk and share about anything and everything with a single goal in my heart: to make your life simply better! Heartful enough for ya?

I have planned so much exciting new things on this blog so you’d better buckle your seat-belt because we are definitely going to have a great extraordinary rideeeeeee!!

Stay tuned for the next blog post about “the Twist of Heartful Twist”!

Until next time! Ciao!

Lots of love,

Angela ❤


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