The Twist of Heartful Twist


Helloooooo you lovely peeps! It’s Angela again and I’m back to give you the juicy little details about the “Twist” of Heartful Twist!

There are a lot of commercial and online stores, in fact, so many that we are almost amongst the one tiny grain (a tiny grain that is actively growing into a giant grain ;-D) of sand on a beautiful summer beach. What makes Heartful Twist stand out then? It has to be different. At the same time, it has to be authentic. This is where the “Twist” in Heartful Twist comes in.

We care.

We care about the people that come to Heartful Twist.

The society is so strange nowadays that a good intention is seen as hostile and a bad one is seen as normal. How messed up! We want to bring back the good old faith and trust and a bond between an established company and their customers. We put ourselves in your shoes! (Figuratively! And maybe sometimes literally? ;-P ) Is it really that difficult to believe that we just want to make life better? To change?  To constantly put forward great and revolutionary ideas? Since we all want a better life, no one is going to reject a better and more convenient and heartfelt life, right?

“Twist” is the execution. As I have covered about the “Heart” of Heartful Twist, this time it’s about the other half.

The twist of Heartful Twist is some little cleverness in life that we want to bring to you. To enhance your life, to boost your living standard. The little wise words that you wish you had listened to when your grandpa was excitedly telling you? Or the long babbling from a spectacled friend who is actually a genius but you were just too cool or too preoccupied to pay attention to? Well, you will get exactly these from us – only we are younger and groovier and doesn’t babble as much. 😉

We really want our products to have these things:

  • Good usability
  • Friendliness and very human.
  • Will evolve to the better, yet consistent.
  • Products that we would actually want in our lives.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Gives you a better outlook in terms of lifestyle, innovation, passion etc.
  •  Inspire and induce greatness.

The little Twist in life is the representation of our dedication, braininess and wisdom. The products we feature are not just any other products that simply finish your job for you –  they improve your job for you. They help put a little satisfied smile to you face, they are meticulous and personal, and they provide a surprising little twist that you don’t see it coming. ;-).

I know right?

Until next time,

All the love,

Angela ❤


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