Office Aesthetics


“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

– Albert Einstein

We spend a good amount of time on the desks and in front of the computers in the workplace, whenever we go to the office it’s almost like a second home. For sure we have to show this second home some love, aren’t we?


For starters, that could include artwork on the walls; plants throughout the office, such as Succulents and other natural plants that can provide a fresh, light feeling to the overall office environment. Better yet, plants help clean the air and reduce bacteria, helping your employees breathe easier and protect them from illness. A NASA guide to air-filtering plants suggests that ferns, spider plants, lilies and ivies are all great for your indoor air and require little to no maintenance. There should also be plenty of wide spaces, as it conveys openness.

Customers will frequent the office. You don’t want to lose business before you’ve even had a chance to present your case. To that end, office aesthetics can be employed to provide a warm and inviting vibe to your customers. Furnish the waiting room or conference room with comfortable but supportive furniture. Also, a water cooler is a must-have item.

This is my favourite part – personalize and decorate the workspace – Let’s do it together! Desk decorations and customization helps employees to put the working area to their personal liking. This will help with both employee retention and improve workplace productivity, as no one likes to work in uncomfortable environments. Here are some inspirations for you 😉 :





They are sooo chic, aren’t they?! ❤

According to Mark Montgomery, founder of FLO Thinkery and entrepreneur-in-residence at Nashville, Tenn.-based VC firm Claritas Capital, your office should make you feel welcome and inspire you to do your best work. If you’re going to spend nine hours a day on the job–or 11, or 13–Montgomery says, “It should be a place you want to go to.” He also advises: “Just make your space reflect who you are and what your company is and what it does.”

Keep rockin’.



Angela ❤


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