Your ultimate items for the best Pokémon Trainer! #2 [Bliss]


We all know the world has been taken over by a storm of Pokémon! With the launching of this revolutionary game, people are going crazy about catching ’em all! In light of this new phenomenon, how about going all out – getting the best Pokémon Trainer outfits to add the cherry to the top of your Pokémon training!

Let’s continue! This style is called Bliss!



Bliss is a magical, fierce, funky and vibrant style, with the lightning and Team Yellow as the inspiration, I’ve put together the following items for your fantasy journey!

COC_5779 蕭探


KBBYTGN010008003 (2)




KBBYTGN160011005 (2)COC_5473 蕭探

COC_6009 蕭探.jpg

Go over to Heartful Twist Shop to get these home to start your fantastical journey!

Catch us next time for the final episode in the trilogy – #3 Cool!


Angela ❤


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