Back to School Essentials!


It’s the time of the year where we all have this sudden realization that THE SUMMER HOLIDAY IS OVER!! AHHHH!!! Oh boy, to get ready for this coming doom excitement of a new school year, and a fresh new look for a fresh new start, I’ve gathered a master list of back to school essentials for ya lovely peeps! So don’t sob in the corner yet ’cause you can go and have a big shopping spree that doesn’t even require going out!

Fall (or autumn) fashion is on – you can now layer your clothes and wear cute beanies and sweaters and scarves … the possibilities are even more than summer! For an awesome and energetic new term in school/uni, here are some of the fun, colorful, young and downright cute items that I’ve picked for you ❤

We have cute traditional gloves, fingerless gloves, adorable earmuffs, matching series of scarves and awesome MP3 beanie hats!! Aren’t they just so chic and stylish!? Perfect for a back to school fashion! ❤ You can find all of the above products in our Heartful Twist Shop! Explore more and get yourself an unique deal!

Best of wishes in the new term and try not to outshine others too much! 😛

Lots of love,

Angela ❤


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