9 Unbelievable Usages of Handmade Soaps!


Now, handmade soaps are fresh, natural, organic with no additional chemicals nor harmful products. Do you know that handmade soaps can do so much more than just cleaning your body? They are life savers! Incidentally, check out the handmade soaps from Heartful Twist and let’s see what these precious can do in our daily lives!

#1. Moisturize Your Precious Skin


Refresh, moisturize and clean your skins without drying up nor leaving harmful chemicals behind, handmade soaps are your best friends this summer!

#2. Keep Your Glasses Clean and Sharpshutterstock_118972231

To prevent your glasses from getting foggy or steam in the winter, you can dip your finger to a little bit of the water from the handmade soaps, rub the glasses gently and voilà! Your glasses are clean as new.


#3. Keep Your Nails Clean and Healthyshutterstock_190562384

When you are working in your garden or any plant-related work, you can first scrub some handmade soaps under your nails before going to work near the dirt, this way, dirt won’t accumulate under your nails and it’s super easy to clean.


#4. Keep Your Clothes Fresh and Pureshutterstock_259188278

Keep some of your favourite handmade soaps in your wardrobes, closets, drawers, or places where you store your clothes, they can prevent bugs and molding.


#5. Prevent Soot from Accumulating Under Your Cooking Pots and Pansshutterstock_72340000

Scrub some of your handmade soaps under the pots or pans before you use it on top of the stoves, this can help the cleaning process later and prevents soot from accumulating under them.


#6. Prevent Shoes’ Odorsshutterstock_112330748

Just put some of your handmade soaps inside your shoes overnight. The next morning they will smell fresh and nice.


#7. Lubricate the Mechanisms of the Furniture at Your Homeshutterstock_174319604

Rub some handmade soaps between the contacting surface of the mechanisms of your furniture, they will lubricate them and make them so much easier for you to work with.


#8. Prevents Fogging and Mist on Your Mirrorsshutterstock_414202360

Don’t want to see a foggy mirror every time after your bath/shower? Clean them with your handmade soaps and enjoy the nice view.


#9. Loofah is a Powerful Cleaning Toolshutterstock_384225742

No additional chemical and best for cleaning skin, loofah is perfect to use for both children and adults. Natural plant fibre, helps exfoliate your skin to bring back your glorious shine and smooth texture. Store the loofah in a dry area, clean it regularly for the maximum usage.

Who knew, right!? Now get these sweet, natural and fresh handmade soaps from Heartful Twist for feeling, looking, and living lovely!

Heart Full of Love ❤ ❤


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