Oh My Sweet Macaron Clutch Bag!!


Tiens ! J’aime la vie ! It’s finally here! Our latest women’s handbag/clutch bag titled “J’aime La Vie” is officially coming to the Heartful Twist website for all you lovely ladies for a fancy French fashion! Comes in an elegant and adorable size, with 6 beautiful and delicious color such as botanical tint (light blue), aqua (deep blue), pink, yellow, orange, and purple; resembling the graceful, endearing and every lady’s favourite sweet – Macaron!


Packaged in little classy and stylish boxes just like the macarons!


Can’t wait anymore to being them home? Très bien! Go over to Heartful Twist Shop for your sweet adventure!


Hmm … sweet and colorful!

Heart Full of Love ❤


The Power of Smiles! ໒( ◠‿◕✿)


Please tell me you are smiling right now because I refuse to believe that anyone can look at this baby and not at least twitch the corners of their mouths! Look at this much adroableness! How can you handle it!? Awww … Now go down to the street and give some strangers a smile like this! You hae no idea the effect you can have on that person’s day! 😉

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