Your ultimate items for the best Pokémon Trainer! #1 [Passion]


We all know the world has been taken over by a storm of Pokémon! With the launching of this revolutionary game in Hong Kong (finally!), people are going crazy about catching ’em all! In light of this new phenomenon, how about going all out – getting the best Pokémon Trainer outfits to add the cherry to the top of your Pokémon training!

In this trilogy of Pokémon Fashion, the first style is called Passion!

Let’s get started!

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The key is Time Management!


Yep! Stop scratching your head or pulling your hair! Read along!

We complain about not having enough time all the time. The key is time management. Unless you are the Doctor and have the Tardis! (in which case – WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!) But seriously though, don’t you just wish that you have more time to do anything? No matter it’s for school, work, having fun, or doing nothing, there just isn’t enough time! This is such a fun topic to explore – time. People are always running out of time, being so busy that they don’t even know what they are busying for. Hong Kong people especially so. We all want more time yet how are we going to actually get more time? It’s true that we won’t be getting 25 hours a day anytime soon, but we can follow these steps below to better organize out time to make more time ourselves. 😉

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First and foremost, you have to love yourself.


In any kind of relationships (e.g. friends, family, romantic), something that people always tend to forget or never take into account no matter how much love or dedication they’ve poured out, they somehow forget to reserve that little bit of love for themselves.

And yet, loving yourself, is really the first step in approaching a great and fulfilling life. I’m a firm believer of the saying: If you can’t even love yourself, how are you going to love others? Even the Bible has stated that “You shall love your neighbour as yourself.”(Mark 12:31), in which there is a priority. You must have been loving youself first or have even the slightest idea of loving youself, for it to relate the love when it comes to loving the neighbour.

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J’aime la vie (en France) !


J’aime la vie ! Oui oui … Yeah … I love life (if you haven’t already known by now) – particularly though, I really do love life in France.

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Just Say Yes


How often do we miss certain opportunities in life and recall events just to mentally hissed “stupid!” to ourselves? Well, at least that happened to me more than I care to admit.

I try not to put my sob story out here since this is supposed to be a positive blog (duh); but i will, however, share the conclusion that i came up with after missing all those amazing opportunities and is now trying to participate and live a full life as much as possible with the best of my ability.

So many times i turned down invitations and events just because i was scared. Yes. i admit it. And I’m not ashamed of saying that, acknowledging your mistake is the first step to preventing it from happening again in the future. Being an anxious kid for most of my life (still am, but getting better), I just didn’t think that i would be happy or comfortable in those situations nor could i handle myself justly. It took many years and hindsight for me to realize how much memories and experience i had wasted away just because i was scared to say “yes”. Other times i back out due to having low confidence in myself, essentially. I always felt like i didn’t deserve to go to those events or accept the invitation, that i didn’t think i would be a good company for the person who invited me, that it felt like the end of the world if it didn’t turn out a perfect event for a perfectionist like me – and i can tell you right now, it is NOT the end of the world even you didn’t enjoy that event. I repeat, it is NOT. And now that i’m older and (hopefully) wiser, and i know that i should embrace my ignorance and inexperience; and mostly, to embrace the imperfection. ‘Cause being perfect is boring, am i right? 😉 that is precisely why i need to experience more, otherwise 40 years from now i will still be pondering about the “what ifs” or “could haves”.  Never over think or let the false imagination get the better of you, And never let fears make your decision. As cheesy as it sounds, you really only live once. So, go for it.

Now i am not about to ask you to blatantly say yes to literally anything and everything including a suspicious guy handing you a drink – what i am saying is, whenever there is an opportunity, take it. Don’t second guess yourself, don’t stress over it and be anxious about it, chances are, a year from now, you will be glad that you took it and you will be thanking yourself for seizing the opportunities as opposed to banging your head against the wall and cursing for letting the opportunity slip away. Regret truly is the most dreadful thing.

If you are still not convinced, here is a little quote:

“Although humans are said to be the most intelligent species, we’re the only ones who are so darn self conscious that we sacrifice what we want because we’re afraid we won’t get it.”


So, YES.


Lots of love,


The Intern


Hi everyone! 🙂 You are probably wondering why I’m talking about a film today! Well, as it turns out that Heartful Twist is quite similar with The Intern in a very strange and spiritual way …

The story in the The Intern is set in Brooklyn, New York; it is a startup fashion E-commerce with a very industrial and chic style office and a cool and smart CEO … that sounds just like Heartful Twist! Haha!

In all seriousness, it really resembles Heartful Twist in quite a lot of ways. In today’s world with such an advance of technology, we rarely put down our phones anymore and we read the news on tablets instead of papers. We can now do basically anything and everything digitally and online. E-Commerce is growing more and more popular and demanding; in 2015, accounts for more than half of all E-Commerce growth, and it’s getting bigger and bigger.

But hold on a second, you may wonder, what is an E-Commerce?

E-Commerce, according to good ol’ Wikipedia, is the trading or facilitation of trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet. In other words, an online store. (Yay!)

E-Commerce is just so convenient and full of possibilities. There are endless designs and style for an E-Commerce business; we can feature various products of different sorts; there is no physical restraint of an actual store nor the trouble of travelling back and forth just to buy a single product – we have them all packed nicely and deliver them to your doorstep. Like Heartful Twist, we have established warehouses overseas with an excellent efficiency of logistic system, it just makes online shopping that much better. Another one of the main concerns with online shopping is the authenticity of the products. Wouldn’t you hate it when you ordered a M sized t-shirt but what arrived is a ragdoll wrapped in some sort of cloth that looks like your ordered t-shirt. Yeah, that.

That’s why Heartful Twist promises you and guarantees you the legitimacy and credibility of all of our products. We will give you what you ordered in exactly how you ordered it.

I am no entrepreneur or businessman, but I surely am one of those that frequent online stores and ethical brands. We just want to give you something so good that we desire them too. Happy sharing, right? 😉

I suppose this is it for today! I had so much fun exploring the nature of E-Commerce, I hope you had fun browsing our website too!

Until next time!


Lots of love,

Angela ❤

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