Oh My Sweet Macaron Clutch Bag!!


Tiens ! J’aime la vie ! It’s finally here! Our latest women’s handbag/clutch bag titled “J’aime La Vie” is officially coming to the Heartful Twist website for all you lovely ladies for a fancy French fashion! Comes in an elegant and adorable size, with 6 beautiful and delicious color such as botanical tint (light blue), aqua (deep blue), pink, yellow, orange, and purple; resembling the graceful, endearing and every lady’s favourite sweet – Macaron!


Packaged in little classy and stylish boxes just like the macarons!


Can’t wait anymore to being them home? Très bien! Go over to Heartful Twist Shop for your sweet adventure!


Hmm … sweet and colorful!

Heart Full of Love ❤


The Power of Smiles! ໒( ◠‿◕✿)


Please tell me you are smiling right now because I refuse to believe that anyone can look at this baby and not at least twitch the corners of their mouths! Look at this much adroableness! How can you handle it!? Awww … Now go down to the street and give some strangers a smile like this! You hae no idea the effect you can have on that person’s day! 😉

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Hustle, bustle, to the busking in Hong Kong (part 2)


Let’s continue our discussion for a special music lifestyle in the street of Hong Kong! Take a closer look into the busking culture!!

Music industry has been vibrant in Hong Kong. Music in Hong Kong has always been a mainstream entertainment, it gains its popularity and appreciation essentially through a very commercialized system – such as signing to a big music company like Sony and then the musicians will receive appropriate exposure, while contributing to the economy. However, for industries like Busking, it produces fewer output in the creative economy. Busking itself cannot be categorized as a very mainstream or commercial practice of music, their nature is more similar to independent musicians or just the general public with a big dream. Some buskers including the band that I interviewed have tried only a few times to earn money from their performance, and they actually have received money from their street performances, yet ultimately they have decided against the idea, they felt happier when they performed purely for entertainment and they do not want money involved, as making money is not their incentive. Nonetheless, there are limited spaces for busking in Hong Kong, finding a perfect spot for them to perform is an ongoing challenge. All these factors aside, some buskers are Indie pop singers and they could choose to sell their CDs during the busking.

The main reason that my interviewee chose ‘busking’ in the first place, is that it is just happy. It is happy for the band, and it brings happiness to the crowd. It is a very virtuous reason, somehow it is what artistic pursuit is all about. They can get immediate reactions from audience and they love to interact with them. During the whole process of busking, they met a lot of friends and great people. The atmosphere is incredible and buskers want to bring up this culture in Hong Kong as well as to promote their music.

So, is it just a dream that people fantasize often about? Are these musicians just chasing a phantom? Or there is much more going on in the culture of busking?

Hong Kong simply should not and could not be a cultural desert – there are literally countless of extremely talented people just hanging around in every street, they just need an opportunity for their long-time preparation. Busking is a very special industry, it is a liberation of talent in the the most common way; it is a reflection of creativity in Hong Kong people. It is a reachable dream and a passionate lifestyle. I would love and hope that this music scene can flourish and that Hong Kong can be a true creative city in the future.

Until next time!

Lots of love,


Hustle, bustle, to the busking in Hong Kong (part 1)


Music has long been regarded as a means of communication for people from very different social or cultural backgrounds, according to a study by Laiho S. in 2004. For the performers, music is also a manifestation of “the self”. What’s more hip for me to share with you then the current music lifestyle in Hong Kong!

In the field of music, there is a particular lifestyle known as “Busking” in Hong Kong, they are groups of music performers going street to street and provide musical performances in Hong Kong. It is interesting looking into the local busking performances and the mentality of the people who perform on the street. I’m very grateful to have interviewed a local busking band a while ago and therefore studied the current situation of busking bands in Hong Kong.

Busking has a long history but they are largely undocumented before 20th century. Yet, it can still be dated back to antiquity when it is a very common means of employment before recording appeared. Now, busking is a vibrant street culture that is practised and welcomed all over the world. It is a highly engaging music that buskers can get the immediate and spontaneous reactions from audience and their music actually influences people. It is down-to-earth and authentic, at the same time one will experience a thrill no matter one is from the member of audience or performer. A shared experience and a unique bond are also formed through the busking performances.

In Hong Kong, busking is blooming. With the rise of indie bands joining the showbiz, such as Mr., Rubber Band and Kolor, more people start to discover and pay attention to indie bands and their music in Hong Kong. Yet, not many people in Hong Kong really appreciate busking bands which are not in showbiz and popular by now.

Nevertheless, when it comes to busking, it is interesting to note that this creative art is very different from the rest of the creative industries in terms of the nature of the performance. Usually for a form of industry, it often requires a certain qualification to be deemed worthy or suitable for a certain industry, and it usually generates revenues. ‘Busking’, however, has no limitation – it is an act that is practiced all over the world by men, women and children. Whist it may not even be considered to be an industry or taken seriously by some in the society – this industry has much potential to develop and there are a lot of things going on behind the door, from what people know and talk about they are just touching upon the surface. For instance, we learned from the band that I interviewed that there is actually an organized community that supports people who practise busking in Hong Kong; and there are social workers dedicating their time and effort to help these people, they would organize events for the performers so they get the opportunities to engage and enjoy their dreams; practically they will provide supports such as studio booking and professional guidance for people who are interested in busking.

It’s a lovely sight to know of such a supportive community, knowing that there really are people working so hard for their dreams, and people taking their time to help each other on the way. This is what Hong Kong is supposed to be like, this is what the world is supposed to be like.

Check out Part 2, it’s coming soon!


Angela ❤

11 Mind Boggling Advice and Motivations


Hiya you lovelies! Today I want to bring some heartful advice and motivations to everyone, for no other reasons than your well-being! I know we are sometimes just so fed up with the good old inspirational speeches and slogans, something that we all wish that we can do and once determined that we can do, but turned out still sitting at home everyday eating chips as we browse Netflix for the next film to watch.

Well, these motivations that I give you today are not those cheesy old-school motivations. What I am sharing with you are words that are a little mind boggling, something that may or may not change your life. *dramatic sound effect* Haha, but for real, I love these advice and motivations (that I gathered through hardcore interneting and late night researching) that’s why I want to share with you all. So buckle up and let’s begin  😉


  1. No man steps in the same river twice, for he is not the same man and it is not the same river.


  1. When it is most difficult to say the word no, it is usually the most important time to say it.


  1. People seldom judge you as harshly as you are judging yourself. Remember a while back, when you saw that lady on the bus who said something really stupid? When was the last time you thought of her? ’Cause that’s about as often as people think of or judge you.


  1. Don’t promise when you’re happy. Don’t reply when you’re angry. Don’t decide when you’re sad.


  1. Fake it til you make it.


  1. No one is keeping track of the mistakes you make.


  1. when you do good deeds you shouldn’t brag about it.


  1. Don’t waste your time on work that you don’t enjoy. It is obvious that you cannot succeed in something that you don’t like. Patience, passion, and dedication come easily only when you love what you do.


  1. Next year, you’ll wish you had started today.


  1. It’s about being afraid and doing it anyway.


Bran thought about it. ‘Can a man still be brave if he’s afraid?’

‘That is the only time a man can be brave,’ his father told him.

– A Game of Thrones, by George R R Martin


Oh and my personal favourite:

11. If you’re ever caught with your eyes closed at work, the FIRST thing you need to say is “Amen”.



Time to put them into practice, shall we?


Lots of love,


Handmade Fruity Soapy!


Hmmm … I can already smell the fresh fruity scent from here! Let’s take a closer look at our new Handmade Fruit Soap!




Sweetcorn, Coconut, Mango, Mangosteen, and Roseapple/Jambu they look just like their respective fruit! Comes in a set of two or set of three, time to take a dive to your bath or shower using these fresh and relaxing, sweet-smelling soaps! Go over to Heartful Twist Shop to check out the details! Get ready for a fresh and fruity summer!


Some Little Heartful Things (part 2)


So I was sharing with you about the Christmas feast I had with my host family in Cardiff back in 2014, and when the night ended, they all said their goodbyes. But this one little kid, this little kid that was not older than 7 years old I suppose, he literally made my heart sing.

You see, I was sitting on the far end of the long table – in fact, the furthest away from the door. And I remember I was so oblivious to what he was up to, I just knew and saw from the corner of my eyes that the little kid and his family were walking out the door and about to leave. And then something caught my curious eyes (again). I saw a little figure, when he was so close to the door already, he turned around and then slowly squeezed himself through all those chairs through the long table and walked all the way to the far end of where I was sitting, and looked me in the eyes, he shyly said, “merry Christmas,” and extended his little chubby hand to me.

I was so shocked. I was not prepared for that. That was literally the cutest thing ever. Just the way he said “merry Christmas” and the way he shyly shook my hand and his pink little cheeks and the fact that he took all these efforts and literally walked across the whole hall just to get to us and say ‘merry Christmas” to us? How amazing is that?! … Goodness, my heart literally melted with how adorable he was. To the little kids’ parents, you’re doing GREAT parenting.

After shaking his hand I was trying to compose myself but I was bursting with “awwww” in my heart of heart and trying so hard not to tear up. I said “merry Christmas” back to him and he shyly smiled and it’s everything to me. This sounds dramatic, but keep in mind that my friend and I were essentially the only strangers in this Christmas feast with this beautiful family, two-young-quirky-Asian-girls-sitting-quickly-in-the-corner sort of thing. Christmas is a big deal in the Western culture, it’s the equivalent of Chinese New Year to us, and being privilege enough to sit on the same table with them and be treated as part of the family is one of the best thing that happened to me during the time I stayed. For them to extend such a welcoming gesture to us was a great and amazing thing. It should be a great deal to anyone, nonetheless. I was just reeling with love and warmth on that night.

I am forever grateful for this family and for the experience and memories that I made during those times, I feel so fortunate and they are truly one of the most precious families I met during my time in the U.K.

And that is end of my little story! It’s not a big or dramatic one, but typing this out still puts a smile on my face as I recall all the lovely memories. I love this family.

So, until next time!

All the love,

Angela ❤

Some Little Heartful Things (part 1)


In this little blog and the next, I am going to share with you some of the Heartful things that happened to me during my study in the U.K. back in 2014. I have some of the fondest memories from this trip that I will remember for the rest of my life.

So, when I was studying in the UK in 2014, I once lived with a Christian host family who lives in Cardiff, Wales around Christmas time. This couple and their family are truly the world’s loveliest folks – Hello James and Jenny if you are reading this! 😀

They had prepared a big Christmas feast for all their relatives and they booked a little hall in the local church to celebrate it. On the day of the feast, my friend and I were helping out trying to organize all the tables and chairs, putting them all together to make them look like the long dining tables you see in the Great Hall in a Harry Potter film. We were bringing in all the delicious homemade food and desserts they made at home – and I mean a lot of food. As in one can see in a buffet in a luxurious hotel, all prepared by Jenny. What a gem. And very soon the relatives were coming one by one. It was a big family.

I was essentially introduced to James and Jenny’s whole extended family and it was just the loveliest sight one could ever wish for at a Christmas feast. They were just the nicest people ever. They were very curious about my friend and I and we were very curious about them. We chatted, we laughed, we made the babies smile, we helped ourselves more food … by the end of the night I was so full that I had to stand up a bit otherwise I might fall asleep blissfully. You may think this whole dinner feast is already heart-warming enough – not nearly there yet! This is where the true essence and meaning of Christmas gets to shine.

After such an wonderful and blessed night, when the relatives were leaving, they all came up to my friend and I and said their goodbyes and blessed us. There was this one little kid though. This one little kid, not older than 7 years old I suppose, already looking so cute from the coats and beanie he was wearing, he literally made my heart sing.

And the meaning and reason to that? Catch up in the next blog/episode ;-D teheheh!

Until next time!

All the love,

Angela ❤

The Twist of Heartful Twist


Helloooooo you lovely peeps! It’s Angela again and I’m back to give you the juicy little details about the “Twist” of Heartful Twist!

There are a lot of commercial and online stores, in fact, so many that we are almost amongst the one tiny grain (a tiny grain that is actively growing into a giant grain ;-D) of sand on a beautiful summer beach. What makes Heartful Twist stand out then? It has to be different. At the same time, it has to be authentic. This is where the “Twist” in Heartful Twist comes in.

We care.

We care about the people that come to Heartful Twist.

The society is so strange nowadays that a good intention is seen as hostile and a bad one is seen as normal. How messed up! We want to bring back the good old faith and trust and a bond between an established company and their customers. We put ourselves in your shoes! (Figuratively! And maybe sometimes literally? ;-P ) Is it really that difficult to believe that we just want to make life better? To change?  To constantly put forward great and revolutionary ideas? Since we all want a better life, no one is going to reject a better and more convenient and heartfelt life, right?

“Twist” is the execution. As I have covered about the “Heart” of Heartful Twist, this time it’s about the other half.

The twist of Heartful Twist is some little cleverness in life that we want to bring to you. To enhance your life, to boost your living standard. The little wise words that you wish you had listened to when your grandpa was excitedly telling you? Or the long babbling from a spectacled friend who is actually a genius but you were just too cool or too preoccupied to pay attention to? Well, you will get exactly these from us – only we are younger and groovier and doesn’t babble as much. 😉

We really want our products to have these things:

  • Good usability
  • Friendliness and very human.
  • Will evolve to the better, yet consistent.
  • Products that we would actually want in our lives.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Gives you a better outlook in terms of lifestyle, innovation, passion etc.
  •  Inspire and induce greatness.

The little Twist in life is the representation of our dedication, braininess and wisdom. The products we feature are not just any other products that simply finish your job for you –  they improve your job for you. They help put a little satisfied smile to you face, they are meticulous and personal, and they provide a surprising little twist that you don’t see it coming. ;-).

I know right?

Until next time,

All the love,

Angela ❤

The Heart of Heartful Twist


Hi everyone! Welcome to the first official blog post of the Heartful Twist website! My name is Angela and I am the Heart of this little blog ~ ❤

I am going to go straight to the topic. You could be a little curious still as to what exactly is Heartful Twist?! (other than it being quite a mouthful of a name!) Well, that’s why I am here writing this litte blog to explain to you just a little bit more about the “Heart” of Heartful Twist. 😉

“Heartful” is the intention that we have.

Everyone in Heartful Twist is a firm believer of “Attitude determining altitude.” Whilst we are reluctant to judge people, (hey, it’s a free country!) we all know that when we do, we should judge people based on their intentions and not their actions. Heart is heart, literally and figuratively. Simply put, we produce and feature products on Heartful Twist with our heart and dedication.

From now on, I will explore and find the best and worthiest cool new information to share it here with you. Be it the latest trends, like fashion and accessories; this blog is also very family friendly! I will bring you and your kids some of the most exciting things that you can’t wait to try on and experience! Other than the fun and game, we can’t really have a heart if we don’t care about things, right? I will also address the issues related to the society and the world, since we are all inhabitant on this planet, gotta take care of her, am I right? Last but not least, I will constantly update you with the latest news and press on Heartful Twist. In other word, this place will the first place to know everything that’s going on in Heartful Twist!

I am also a huge fan of cinema, lifestyle, DIY and life inspirations, that’s why I can’t miss the opportunity to share with you some of my own picks and opinions regarding films and entertainment in general; I’d love to share any tips and story as motivation and inspiration in life, as we all know that life is all about experience and you only get to live once, so live the fullest with all your heart and have no regret! For all you lovely young folks, I will also talk about school and education related things to keep up with ya and study with ya! So please know that you are not alone and know that I am fighting this battle with you!

That’s quite a lot of information to take in, right? I basically just talk and share about anything and everything with a single goal in my heart: to make your life simply better! Heartful enough for ya?

I have planned so much exciting new things on this blog so you’d better buckle your seat-belt because we are definitely going to have a great extraordinary rideeeeeee!!

Stay tuned for the next blog post about “the Twist of Heartful Twist”!

Until next time! Ciao!

Lots of love,

Angela ❤