9 Unbelievable Usages of Handmade Soaps!


Now, handmade soaps are fresh, natural, organic with no additional chemicals nor harmful products. Do you know that handmade soaps can do so much more than just cleaning your body? They are life savers! Incidentally, check out the handmade soaps from Heartful Twist and let’s see what these precious can do in our daily lives!

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Back to School Essentials!


It’s the time of the year where we all have this sudden realization that THE SUMMER HOLIDAY IS OVER!! AHHHH!!! Oh boy, to get ready for this coming doom excitement of a new school year, and a fresh new look for a fresh new start, I’ve gathered a master list of back to school essentials for ya lovely peeps! So don’t sob in the corner yet ’cause you can go and have a big shopping spree that doesn’t even require going out!

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Beanie aesthetics


Who said you can only wear beanies in fall/autumn and winter? Beanies are some of the cutest, multipurpose, practical and chic fashion items out there!

I remember during my teenage year, wearing beanie was a symbol of cool. It was the trendiest thing amongst peers and the most popular boys and girls would wear beanies all the time despite it being smothering hot outside. Beanies don’t just keep you warm – oh they are far more than that, they are a fashion statement. Beanies have always been fun and stylish, the IT items all year round! Time to throw it on and enjoy this little inspiration post dedicated to beanies, shall we?


Styled it in ways that are just effortlessly cool and smart!


Chic and vibrant, a beanie is truly the perfect addition to sharpen up your classy causal look!


This reminds me so much of my teenage year … ahhh the good old days!

Today, we are bringing the beanie aesthetics back into the narrative, eh? The beanie looks even better styled with other knitted and winter outfits!




Go over to Heartful Twist Shop to check out all the newest and coolest beanies and other knitting fashion items! Whoohooo!!


Angela ❤

Your ultimate items for the best Pokémon Trainer! #1 [Passion]


We all know the world has been taken over by a storm of Pokémon! With the launching of this revolutionary game in Hong Kong (finally!), people are going crazy about catching ’em all! In light of this new phenomenon, how about going all out – getting the best Pokémon Trainer outfits to add the cherry to the top of your Pokémon training!

In this trilogy of Pokémon Fashion, the first style is called Passion!

Let’s get started!

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The key is Time Management!


Yep! Stop scratching your head or pulling your hair! Read along!

We complain about not having enough time all the time. The key is time management. Unless you are the Doctor and have the Tardis! (in which case – WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!) But seriously though, don’t you just wish that you have more time to do anything? No matter it’s for school, work, having fun, or doing nothing, there just isn’t enough time! This is such a fun topic to explore – time. People are always running out of time, being so busy that they don’t even know what they are busying for. Hong Kong people especially so. We all want more time yet how are we going to actually get more time? It’s true that we won’t be getting 25 hours a day anytime soon, but we can follow these steps below to better organize out time to make more time ourselves. 😉

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First and foremost, you have to love yourself.


In any kind of relationships (e.g. friends, family, romantic), something that people always tend to forget or never take into account no matter how much love or dedication they’ve poured out, they somehow forget to reserve that little bit of love for themselves.

And yet, loving yourself, is really the first step in approaching a great and fulfilling life. I’m a firm believer of the saying: If you can’t even love yourself, how are you going to love others? Even the Bible has stated that “You shall love your neighbour as yourself.”(Mark 12:31), in which there is a priority. You must have been loving youself first or have even the slightest idea of loving youself, for it to relate the love when it comes to loving the neighbour.

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J’aime la vie (en France) !


J’aime la vie ! Oui oui … Yeah … I love life (if you haven’t already known by now) – particularly though, I really do love life in France.

Today, I’m going to share some of my personal experience associated with French – one way or another, from my French teacher in my University, my French friend who is just so awesome and hilarious and, well, French; and my French adventures. Continue reading

New Floral Natural Soaps!


Incredibly fresh and sweet, the air is filled with the beautiful scents of these Floral Natural Soaps from NABENA BANGKOK! Formulated with natural and certified organic ingredients, without parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petroleum, paraffin, DEA and animal ingredients. These Floral Natural Soaps come with a selection of supremely sensual Jasmine, warm and misty Royal Lotus, and sweet and erotic Honeysuckle!


Go over to Heartful Twist Shop to check out the details and get these heavenly scented soaps home for a nice, fresh and relaxing bath!

Angela ❤