J’aime la vie (en France) !


J’aime la vie ! Oui oui … Yeah … I love life (if you haven’t already known by now) – particularly though, I really do love life in France.

Today, I’m going to share some of my personal experience associated with French – one way or another, from my French teacher in my University, my French friend who is just so awesome and hilarious and, well, French; and my French adventures. Continue reading




In light of July being the month for the Independence Day of United States, I am reminded of another district in the U.S. that has quite a relation with our Heartful Twist – Brooklyn.

What does Brooklyn remind you of? What does Brooklyn remind me of? Well, whenever I hear the name Brooklyn, I think of beautiful row houses, cast-irons, Everybody Hates Chris, David Beckham’s son, the beautiful Oscar nominated film, Dan from Gossip Girl, the company About the Fit from the The Intern, Captain America, Bernie Sanders and (from what I heard) the rival of Queens?

Haha, other than the above very pop-culture related things, Brooklyn has always given me a very tough, down-to-earth, persevering, artistic and authentic feeling, and now it has another layer of meaning to it, as it turns out that Brooklyn is also the place where our director Leo spent a majority of his life! (Yes! Director of Heart Twist!) 😀

Our own brand Knit BonBons (KBB) as seen in the Heartful Twist website was founded by Leo his sister Ching C. in New York. They are a family of art. They both graduated from renowned arts academies in the U.S.. Ching C. is a movie director, a fellow graduate from the same institution as the famous Taiwanese director Ang Lee. Ching’s habit is the casual documentation of her life with her phone and camera, putting together every snapshot of life into a complete story, while adding her own flavor and color. Leo graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He specializes in sculpture design, photography and advertising art. He merges art with international merchandising, as a result a Heartful brand is born.

Whoops, looks like I just gave a mini biography of the heart and soul of Heartful Twist! Now you know where our style and temperament come from! What a fella, am I right?

Stay tuned for our future reveals or reviews! Haha!

Until next time!

Lots of love,

Angela ❤